Unibody & Frame Repair

Frame and unibody repair is how The Paint Spot restores vehicle alignment and helps your car absorb impact correctly and safely, both for you and the vehicle.

When you’ve been an accident, or maybe just hit a large pothole, your car’s frame can get knocked out of alignment. The frame is the part that supports all other vehicle components and keeps your car on a straight path. Only by finding and repairing this damage can you restore your car’s safe operation and long-term performance.

auto frame repair

How Does Frame & Unibody Damage Happen?

The most common cause of vehicle frame and unibody damage is car accidents, but it can happen plenty of other ways. Maybe you accidentally drove into a curb, or maybe your car was towed by an inexperienced company that didn’t handle your vehicle with care.

Regardless of the reason, you can’t continue to drive a vehicle with sustained frame damage — it’s dangerous and it will only lead to more problems.

We Explore the Full Extent of the Damage

We use a specialized laser measuring system to scan your vehicle, checking our results against manufacturer specifications. This, combined with a physical inspection of the frame, gives us a complete picture of what’s wrong with your car and what must be done to fix it.

A bend in the frame creates an imbalance that can affect many other aspects of the vehicle’s function, from how the doors close to how the tires carry the car. It can cause suspension systems to fail, tires to wear out quickly and more.

Why You Need Unibody & Frame Repair in Bountiful, Utah

Frame and unibody repair involves using hydraulic frame-pulling techniques, welding and sometimes the assistance of computerized technology to restore the car’s alignment to factory specifications. At The Paint Spot, we’re committed to strengthening the frame — your car’s backbone — so that you’re safe and protected on the roadway. After an accident, getting your car’s original look back is important, but it’s also vital to repair unseen damage as well.

After an Accident or Just Wear and Tear, We Can Help

Is your car pulling hard to one side? Do you have uneven tire wear? Do you feel your car may be unsafe after a collision?

The Paint Spot can help with more than just cosmetic issues. We restore vehicle alignment, ensure passenger safety and preserve the value of your vehicle. After precise frame and unibody repair, you don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your car — you’ll know your vehicle is good to go. Call us today to set up your appointment to find out if frame and unibody repair can resolve your vehicle’s issues.