Headlight Restoration

The Paint Spot offers affordable, effective headlight restoration to help you steer clear and stay safe behind the wheel.

Have you noticed a steady decrease in your nighttime visibility while driving? That won’t do on dark mountain roads. Are you disappointed with how your car’s faded headlights are impacting its appearance as well? You don’t have to settle.

With headlight restoration, you get back bright light without having to pay full replacement costs. We offer this service to our all customers at The Paint Spot in Bountiful, Utah.


Correct Your Faded, Hazy Headlights with Headlight Restoration

Your headlights aren’t immune to wear and tear. Rain, snow, humidity, UV-rays and more — all these affect headlight performance. Modern headlights are usually made of polycarbonate instead of glass, which is much more likely to fade with time.

Before you give up on your headlights and look to replace them, consider headlight restoration. Headlight fixture replacement is a bigger job that requires wiring knowledge — it’s usually not a DIY repair.

If you’d rather not pay a mechanic for labor and parts just because of a little bit of haze, you’re in the right place. The Paint Spot has a better, more cost-effective option for you when your headlight wiring is in good shape, but functionality is waning and aesthetics are poor.

It’s All About Vision and Safety in Utah

Keep your original headlights and get back the clear vision you’re missing — get headlight restoration today.

What if you could see farther and better? What if you could trust your headlights to reveal objects in the road well in advance? You would have a safer, less stressful driving experience. Cleaning and restoring your headlights enhances vision and helps you stay safe, even if you’re driving in the dead of night.

Maintain Vehicle Value and Looks

Bright, radiant headlights look better than faded, yellow ones. Here at The Paint Spot, we will upgrade your car’s looks and value with headlight restoration. Clean headlights make a transformative difference.

No More Discoloration

The discoloration and low visibility you have now will only get worse. Are you ready for a change?

The Paint Spot is confident in our headlight restoration services. They’re more affordable than headlight replacement, you’ll love the outcome and you’ll get compliments on the change.

Call today and set up an appointment for your vehicle’s headlight restoration. It’s an important part of keeping your car functional and beautiful — we can help.