Car detailing can change your entire perception of a vehicle. When you’re not brushing away crumbs and holding your nose, you look forward to long drives. When you see the sleek, shiny automobile in the driveway, you feel a pride of ownership you’d forgotten.

At The Paint Spot, we do more than just paint. We are your full-service car detailing team, ready to shampoo, vacuum, scrub and buff until you’re not just impressed — you’re in shock. You’ll wonder, Is that really my car? We never get tired of seeing the excitement on our customers’ faces when they realize that showroom-worthy vehicle is theirs to drive home.


We Work from the Outside In

Our car detailing service isn’t one-dimensional. We do transformative work on the outside and the inside.

Let’s start with the undercarriage. It’s not an area you’d think would require much cleaning; after all, who will see it? Car detailing isn’t all about looks, it’s about preservation. Living in a snowy climate like Utah makes this even more important. When we clean and prevent rust and corrosion of the chassis, wheel wells and undercarriage, we’re adding long-term value to your car, making it stand out from the rest.

Of course, car detailing involves the paint too! That’s where our skills truly shine — pun intended! We give your car the in-depth cleaning it needs, removing scratches and waxing it to keep it protected.

Our car detailing packages include extras as well, such as headlight cleaning and chrome polishing. After your car’s visit to our vehicle spa, you’ll wonder why you never scheduled an appointment before!

Utah Drivers Deserve Interior Luxury

You may spend time wondering how the gum get stuck on the carpet and how the splatter stain get on the ceiling, but you also may wonder how you’ll fix it or how it will affect your car’s value when it’s time to sell it.

Stop wondering — just bring it to The Paint Spot. Our interior detailing services answer your questions and lift your doubts. From steam cleaning to polishing, we use specialized techniques — and sometimes good-old-fashioned elbow grease — to get rid of the minor issues that contribute to major dissatisfaction.

When You Need Professional Car Detailing

When you’re ready to fall in love with your vehicle again, schedule a car-detailing appointment with our team. At The Paint Shop in Bountiful, Utah, we’re in the business of dramatic before-and-afters. You’ll love how we take your dirty old vehicle and give you back a new version — one that’s fresh, clean and worthy of your love!